Digital Agency for OB-GYN

Digital Practice for OB-GYN

We build online reputations for obstetricians, gynecologists and fertility specialists and help generate patient leads.

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Digital Agency for OB-GYN

We draw from our experience producing media content for major health conferences across the US, Europe and Asia, leading television and radio newsrooms, and building e-commerce platforms for health products.

We use this unique blend of expertise to create strategies, brands and content for obstetricians, gynecologists and fertility specialists. Our focus is on your local market, our vision is global.

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Digital Agency for OB-GYN

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve CEO

Kris Borgraeve is a communications and media expert with over 15 years experience in medical content. He holds a Master’s in Audiovisual Arts/Radio Television and worked as a multilingual television reporter and news anchor prior to co-founding Digital Practice. As a qualified journalist with a focus on medical content, Kris helps customers make strategic choices for their business development and digital marketing.

Els van der Veire - Co-founder Digital Practice
Els Van de Veire Creative Director

Els Van de Veire thrives on developing a communication strategy for ambitious obstetricians and gynecologists or fertility specialists, based on two of her passions: journalism and visual strategy for the web. Els leads the production process and integrates market research, visual design and content strategy to help you develop your practice. Els is a mum herself and combines her personal insights in women’s health with a solid passion for digital strategies and business development.

Carlo van der Pluijm- CTO Digital Practice
Carlo van der Pluijm Chief Technology Officer

Carlo Van der Pluijm is the senior web developer/user interface expert and leads the development team at Digital Practice. His passion for the patient’s screen experience - prior to seeing a doctor - is relentless. Beyond the code, he is an expert in developing a smooth user experience on any type of screen. Carlo’s experience in e-commerce and mentoring in the digital development industry also contributes to his holistic approach to digital. Dutch efficiency meets years of experience in the American e-commerce and the Australian healthcare markets and permeates every single web page he builds for our customers.


Our focus is local, our vision is global

Digital Agency for OB-GYN

Digital Practice OB-GYN Perth Australia

Perth, Australia

Head Office

Digital Practice OB-GYN Tilburg Netherlands

Tilburg, The Netherlands

We launched Digital Practice in Perth, Australia, in 2016. Building on our medical marketing experience, we initiated Digital Practice for OB-GYN in 2020. With a global vision for obstetricians, gynecologists and fertility specialists, we focus on strong local strategies, content marketing, web design and development.
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Digital Agency for OB-GYN

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Kris Borgraeve - Digital Practice

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