Beautiful medical websites

5 beautiful medical websites for your inspiration

When patients choose a healthcare provider, they no longer depend on the physician’s or GP referral only. More than ever, patients do their own online research before visiting a specialist or physician
Beautiful medical websites

5 beautiful medical websites for your inspiration

Els van der Veire - Co-founder Digital Practice

Els Van de Veire

March 22, 2021

Google Health reports that its search engine receives 70,000 health-related questions every minute. People search for conditions, medication, symptoms, and healthcare providers.

So if you are reading this and you own a private practice, check how user-friendly, easy to navigate and extremely well-organized your website is. Check if your website has pleasing esthetics and if the visuals reflect your medical practice’s overall image.

Based on these criteria we have listed some of the best and most beautiful medical websites, mostly OB-GYN related. Even if you are not an obstetrician or gynecologist, this list will inspire you to market your own specialty.

The Woom

beautiful medical websites

The Woom is a women’s health medical website that you better bookmark for future reference. Its beautiful, light and classy web design is attractive for women who believe women’s health should no longer be practised in a small, old and dusty room full of medical equipment that you’d rather see decommissioned.

The Woom is a well-thought concept created by an Australian female gynecologist who has seen thousands of patients and understands exactly what women want during a consult: a warm, friendly approach, focusing on evidence-based medicine without bombarding you with science. That is why The Woom rooms look stylish and elegant and if Martha Stewart would live in Perth she would drool over this cottage-style women’s health clinic. Needless to say that the website has to reflect that new and different philosophy.

So if you are about to change your gynecology practice to a more vibrant, patient-focused women’s health clinic, bookmark and, the creators of the brand name and digital strategy.

What you’re about to see is much more than a stylish design. It is a methodology to attract the right gynecology patients and staff members. This website is easy-to-navigate and simply eye-catching. Check out the “on this page” links too, allowing users to quickly navigate to different sections on the page.

Dr Anu Mahadik

beautiful medical websites

Dr Anu Mahadik is a Sydney-based obstetrician and gynecologist, practising at two locations in the metropolitan area. Wanting to attract new patients, the homepage focuses on her main services and clearly indicates at which locations she is consulting in the wider Sydney area. Beautiful well-chosen imagery along with educational information about each service is what makes this medical website one to bookmark.

Omega Fertility

beautiful medical websites

Baby pictures really do grab our attention. When it comes to the type of human images that work, babies’ faces are the most attractive (women and attractive people are number 2 and 3).

Omega Fertility in London, Ontario (CA), understands that really well. The homepage image is stunning and sells the dream of new life astonishingly well.

Though this medical website doesn’t have a content strategy, its design is simple and contemporary. The visuals are well-chosen for its audience and the color palette is audacious and anything but cliche.

Dr Jeremy Rawlins

beautiful medical websites

Not an OB-GYN private practice, but such a classy, beautiful medical website, that we just have to highlight in this list. Dr Jeremy Rawlins is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, trained in the UK and the US, who is world-renowned for burn treatment and burn plastic surgery.

With his new website, he wanted to predominantly attract private cosmetic patients and the website does exactly that: focusing on “beauty” with a stylish and classy visual on the homepage, reinforced by Mr Rawlin’s excellent reputation as a reconstructive surgeon.

Other than elegant imagery, which is consistent throughout the design, this website doesn’t fail to deliver informative content which is optimized for search engines. It reads like a Vogue interview with Mr Rawlins and it attracts the right patients. With the quick jump links, you can easily navigate the different page sections.

If you are an OB-GYN with an interest in vaginal enhancement, this design is definitely one you should add to your bookmark list.


*Update 24 April 2021: We couldn’t be more proud. Our work from our Australian team has been rewarded with a nomination in the 2021 Australian Web Awards, Small Business Category

The Fertility Society of Australia and New Zealand

beautiful medical websites

Dare I say that this is by far the most beautiful medical association website we ever came across? And it’s not because we created it. This design is simply stunning. Because of its simplicity, the website does three things really well: recruiting new members, informing the general public, and talking to the media and newsrooms.

The colors are well-chosen and not at all cliche. Why are so many fertility-related websites pink in the first place? With a resolute warm orange, deep blue, and black and white color palette, this website is different, contemporary, and elegant.

If you are in charge of your medical association’s marketing department, and you want to get rid of its dusty digital look and feel, get in touch with

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beautiful medical websites

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